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Analysing the Data


Exera Asset Management buys underperforming assets across a range of commercial property types. This includes apartment buildings, condominiums, multi-family dwellings, office buildings, community shopping centers, malls, hotels, multi-purpose properties and undeveloped land located everywhere in the United States.  
Sellers benefit from our ability to quickly underwrite, finance and close on distressed assets that no longer warrant continued diversion of funds and management focus. Buyers benefit from our ability to restore value through property revitalization.


Exera's Asset Managers have the expertise to negotiate a range of transactions and stabilize sub-performing properties. Our formidable asset management strength lies in our ability to acquire assets at competitive bids and generate high-value returns. 
Our alliances with our network of property management firms, brokers, architects, environmental consultants and facility service providers/vendors strongly positions us to achieve the best possible results.

Modern Apartment Block


Exera Asset Management is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage with the state of New York. We pride ourselves on having a team of outstanding real estate professionals who go above and beyond for our clients. This company is not focused on commission but rather the careful, dedicated and thorough management of our clients real estate assets to be able to outperform any and all expectations. We focus on the clients present state and future goals to be able to present a detailed plan of action and maintain a clear line of communication all along the way.

Under Construction

The principals of Exera Asset Management have been partners in various ground up developments of multi-family structures as well as gut-renovations in the New York City market for over 10 years. In particular we have been hands on in various aspects of the construction phases and are fully knowledgable in the analysis, projections, financing, 

implementation and ground up development of Real Estate in New York City. Our affiliations and business relationships with Architects, engineers, expeditors, project managers, suppliers and general contractors allow us to achieve discounted pricing for fees and products in order to achieve designed results to be delivered under budget.


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